Summer Instructional Sessions

June - August

Rusty Greer Baseball School offers high-level, high-energy defensive instructional sessions. These sessions are designed to build a rock solid foundation and learn different techniques in order to be a better defensive player. The sessions are small group, position specific and the bar will be elevated to maximize each player’s skill. Each position has its own session with the middle infield being a three-day session while all others are two-day sessions. This allows us to really focus on teaching and dialing into the mechanics of fielding. All sessions are led by Rusty Greer so you can expect an up-tempo and positive learning environment with high expectations for each player.

Skill & Drill Nights

September - January

Skill & drill nights are 1.5 hours long per session and run weekly, September through January, with multiple sessions on each night of the week. Skill & drill nights are designed to stay in baseball shape and get the needed reps it takes to improve as a player. Soccer, basketball, tennis, football and many more sports have skill & drill nights to improve so why don't we, as baseball players, have night or nights where we work on our defensive game throughout the course of the year that will improve us as individual players?  Fall baseball is one option but are you really improving as a player?  As we all know fall baseball can be somewhat watered down and the lack of consistent reps and can have a negative impact really improving an individual's game.  Sometimes it's better to step away from tournament play and focus on improving individual skills and there is no better way than with one of our skill & drill night membership packages.  Let Rusty Greer Baseball School skill & drill nights help you get your reps, stay in baseball shape, and continue to improve as a player

"Being a select baseball coach and a parent, I want to give my son the best opportunity possible and that includes camps.  Immediately after spending a week with Rusty I can see a vast improvement in footwork, throwing technique, and overall knowledge about the middle infield.  The smaller groups gave him one on one lessons that you will never get at the bigger camps.  I know which boys on my team went to Rusty's camp who didn't.  There is truly something to say about that...AMAZING!!  Thanks Rusty!!"

J. Byler

Southlake Dragons 10U

Elite Middle Infield - Session 1

"My son and  his team were preparing to go into the summer tournament season so we decided to sign up the 1st session of the middle infielders.  The skills, knowledge, encouragement, and instruction execution was AMAZING!!  We saw an immediate difference in attitude and level of play.  My son liked that they were treated as baseball players and not "children" which, I think, made a big difference in the way the players responded to the knowledge being provided.  I was also highly impressed with the extreme attention to fundamental mechanics, technique, and repetition that you and your staff stress.  I would whole-heartedly recommend any of your sessions and lessons to anyone.  We will be signing up for the fall skill & drill night program and look to continue to learn what skills and knowledge we can from you both as a player and a parent of a player...THANKS RUSTY!!

R. Leclair

Elite Middle Infield - Session 1

Rusty Greer in Action