Rusty Greer Baseball School is dedicated to teaching the DEFENSIVE side of the baseball by instilling rock solid defensive fundamentals. Our objective is to offer hi-level instruction through small-group, position-specific instructional sessions partnered with dedicated skill and drill nights. All sessions are led by former Major Leaguer Texas Ranger’s Hall of Fame Member Rusty Greer, so when you enroll, expect an all-out effort to help improve your defensive game. The success that Rusty achieved as a baseball player was derived by a commitment and dedication to each aspect of the game. Additionally, his personal philosophies as a leader, mentor, and his respect of his peers and coaches elevated his “give it your all” approach by which many players today are measured. Rest assured, when you enroll, you can expect an all-out effort to help improve your defensive game.

There are three parts to a baseball game - PITCHING, DEFENSE, AND OFFENSE. The old saying goes “You win with pitching and defense”, so why do we as coaches and players focus on just two of the three parts of the game? The defensive side of the game is always the forgotten part when it comes to training and improving your overall game. Why? Because it’s hard. It’s hard to find field access, fungo hitters, catch partners, and someone who actually knows how to instruct and teach the defensive fundamentals. We take the hard part out of learning to play defense because we have field access, machines, catch partners, and the best instructor – Rusty Greer. All you have to do is show up with a glove and a hard working attitude, and we take care of everything else.

Rusty Greer



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